Community Health Workers

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There are nearly 58,00 community health workers in the United States. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


PCORI funded 78 active or completed comparative clinical effectiveness research studies that use community health workers in an intervention. 


PCORI has awarded $278 million for research studies that use community health workers in an intervention.

Community Health Workers Study Spotlights

Reducing Asthma Health Disparities through Guideline Implementation


This project compares three different approaches to implementing guidelines for people with uncontrolled asthma.

The Role of Community Health Workers

Keysha Brooker, CHW, MSW, explains how community health workers (CHWs) can help address disparities for the patients they work with by providing support and resources to help patients thrive.

The Bridge Between Clinics and Communities

Lisa Cooper, MD, MPH explains the role community health workers played in her PCORI-funded project that sought to help patients from disadvantaged populations better control high blood pressure.