What is the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is a volunteer network of individuals dedicated to changing the culture of health research. In their communities and nationally, Ambassadors are shifting how research is being done by partnering with researchers, leading engagement initiatives, setting priorities, and spreading the word about the importance of stakeholder-engaged research. With connections to groups with different interests, Ambassadors play an important role in sharing research results to the people who could benefit from them the most. By working collaboratively with Ambassadors, PCORI meaningfully incorporates a diversity of perspectives in its work and the research it funds.

What are the mission, vision, and objectives of the Ambassador Program?



To engage healthcare stakeholders in strengthening the patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) community while increasing the reach and influence of PCORI-funded​ research.



Ambassadors advance PCORI's mission by engaging in research, sharing PCOR knowledge, and conducting outreach activities or trainings in their respective communities.

Strategic Objectives


  • Build and promote the PCOR community by informing and empowering local communities or networks to engage with and promote PCOR
  • Share and translate results through community-based efforts with a focus on PCORI-funded results and products
  • Engage with PCORI by acting as a diverse body of stakeholders for potential involvement in merit review, peer review, research and engagement awards, and more
  • Recruit and retain PCORI supporters by promoting funding opportunities, sharing the PCORI story, and building Ambassador membership

Why do we need Ambassadors?

  • Ambassadors have unique perspectives and ideas that support PCORI in its pursuit of helping patients and those who care for them make better-informed healthcare decisions.
  • Ambassadors are PCORI’s boots on the ground and supplement our organizational efforts. They activate communities and help them engage in PCOR more effectively.
  • Ambassadors prepare their communities to receive and provide feedback on research results.
  • They also share PCOR best practices, enabling their communities to be more engaged in the preparation, conduct, and dissemination of research.

Are Ambassadors official PCORI representatives?

Ambassadors are volunteers, and not representatives of PCORI. While they do not speak on PCORI's behalf, they are partners aligned with PCORI's principles. Statements made by Ambassadors should not be construed as statements from PCORI.

How did the Ambassador Program start?

In 2012, PCORI held a workshop to build partnerships that would enhance patient-centered research. PCORI Executive Director Joe Selby noted that the readiness of the patient and stakeholder community at the workshop affirmed PCORI’s assumption that the patient community was up to the challenge of playing its part in transforming the research enterprise.

At the close of the workshop, a participant noted the opportunity to capitalize on the energy and enthusiasm of the group to be influential in promoting patient-centered research. A key recommendation from the workshop was the concept of the PCORI Ambassador Program.

How does PCORI support Ambassadors?

PCORI Ambassadors have the support and guidance of the PCORI Ambassador Team. They support Ambassador initiatives, address challenges, and strategize community-based partnerships.

For questions about the PCORI Ambassador Program, contact us at

Posted: August 28, 2018

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