As PCORI begins its second decade funding research to help people make informed health decisions and improve healthcare delivery and health outcomes, we are embarking on the development of a new strategic plan to guide our future work to fulfill PCORI’s mission.

PCORI is committed to meaningful involvement of patients, caregivers, clinicians, and all healthcare stakeholders as well as the engagement of all in the health community throughout the strategic planning process. We are excited to engage with the entire health community and will gather their input throughout this initiative by soliciting their engagement in convening conversations with stakeholders, hosting webinars, collecting feedback on iterations of the strategic plan, and seeking public comments.

Scope of Strategic Planning

In our strategic plan, PCORI first identified proposed National Priorities for Health which are high-level, aspirational goals for our work that reflect what is most important to patients, stakeholders, and the broader healthcare community and serve as a framework to guide PCORI’s funding decisions. In October 2021, PCORI's Board of Governors adopted the National Priorities for Health.

Developed, revised, and finalized with substantial input from stakeholders across the healthcare community, the National Priorities for Health serve as an aspirational framework for how PCORI will pursue its mission and guide PCORI’s future funding of patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research and related initiatives.

We will also outline a Research Agenda that encompasses specific topic areas within or that cut across our National Priorities for Health and establishes the structure through which we make comparative clinical effectiveness research investments. Additionally, we will identify funding opportunities for our Engagement and Dissemination and Implementation awards, which support projects that build capacity for community participation in patient-centered outcomes research, promote awareness of PCORI-funded research findings, and facilitate the uptake of those findings into practice.

Additionally, our reauthorizing law identified two priority topics for research: intellectual and developmental disabilities and maternal mortality. We will also consider the full range of outcomes data in the research we fund, including the economic impacts and other potential burdens of various healthcare interventions.

Our strategic planning efforts present an opportune time to reinforce PCORI’s work on methodological standards for patient-centered outcomes research and PCORnet®, the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network, to ensure our work is carried out in alignment with the forthcoming strategic plan. We will also strengthen our strategies for making funding commitments based on changes in the research environment.

Expected Timeframe


Strategic Planning Timeline

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Posted: June 22, 2021; Updated: January 13, 2022

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